Town of Byron, New York


Comprehensive Plan

On October 13, 1993, the Byron Town Board, by a unanimous vote on Resolution #108, acted to adopt the Comprehensive Plan. As noted in the resolution adoption of this Plan does not obligate the Town to enact any of the guidelines or recommendations contained herein. Adoption represents merely an endorsement of the vision suggested by the Plan.

This comprehensive plan is intended to serve the Town of Byron over the next 20 years. It is intended to describe a vision by which development in the Town can be guided. Through the general guidelines and specific recommendations set down in this plan, direction is provided for governmental bodies in both establishing general policy and acting on individual cases. Through common knowledge of these guidelines and recommendations, guidance is provided to individual citizens of the Town as they make decisions in their private affairs. By virtue of this comprehensive plan, both governmental bodies and individual citizens stand to realize an outcome which achieves effective use of resources and produces high levels of satisfaction.

Document available for download:
Town of Byron Comprehensive Plan

2017 Comprehensive Plan Survey Results